A studio with photographer, model, a crew of 10 and my dream wardrobe items in 2016? What’s going on?! Hold your breath! Something big is going on! Turn the camera around… oh la la, what a girl’s room! (can’t think of any other better description here) I’d never used the word “messy”, as a woman, we always know how to deal with our not-so-tidy room. Clothes piled up on the floor, people running around, so what is actually happening?



Rue Madame concept store finally goes online to start the New Year with a boom!


You may want to know what makes it so special.

If you ask this question, I have no doubt that you may not have discovered the Rue Madame’s values. “Rue Madame has a dedicated team to handpick the best fashion items in France, and now extending beyond geographic boundaries, to cater our customers’ needs. Not only do we endeavour to dig out something new, authentic and delicate, but also something with a story, a character or a spirit. We are here to be your comrade in your adventurous journey to self-identify. We are here to make you happy,” said the Rue Madame Girl.

I have to say the Rue Madame Girl understands well the market needs as SHE is obsessed with details of all kinds. Rue Madame strives to bring over the most popular affordable luxury fashion brands, now extended to international contemporary brands of both fashion & accessories. We are keen to bring in new brands and new collections which can echoes and develops their DNA.

So now you may ask “what kind of treasure hunt you can have here”.

As Rue Madame understands that modern women have multiple identities, we offer you a wide range of wardrobe best-picks from fashion pieces to casual basics to suit your different needs in varies occasions. Rue Madame is also keen to mix-and-match. If you have no idea what to goes with your picked top, you may get some inspiration from all the looks we prepared for you online.

Is there something for you?

Bien sur! (of course) no matter if you are looking for an elegant dress to an event with a handcrafted handbag, a playful outfit for a date, some simple but sophisticated items for office, even some basic items, i.e. t-shirts, legging, sneakers, etc., Rue Madame has it all. How do these sound?

Rue Madame targets people who wishes for something different, creative and qualitative. We embrace happiness, creativity and independent spirit. We are the real people wishing to “tell” a story to women like us, both strong and feminine with amazing days and normal days.

Find the recipe here! Be your own story-teller!

Let’s create your own story in www.ruemadame.com! What you put on yourself generate a hashtag for YOU on that day! Be the top hashtag! #bonnechance! #goodluck #ruemadameworld