I believe no one can ever forget the very classic opening of the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, where Audrey Hepburn, in a Givenchy little black dress (LBD), wanders around with Moon River being played as background music…The scene is solely classy, Hepburn’s LBD is also classy that it has been regarded as one of the most iconic fashion pieces of all time – a piece that every girl should at least have one.

According to numerous designers and fashionistas, a LBD is definitely a must-have item in your wardrobe. Being versatile, elegant, decent and exquisite, the item is just suitable for any occasions, wearing for work or leisure should be fine, and the effects will never disappoint you. Just as what Karl Lagerfeld said, ‘one is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress.’ Thus, simply put on your LBD, everything shall then be just right, perfect fit.

By picking the right cut and fit, the slimming effect of a LBD can be enormous. The classic knee-length LBD can showcase your seductive feminine waistline, whilst the lovely A-shape LBD reveals your long and straight legs. Remember, heels are always the best friend of LBDs as they help elevate your charm!

Besides the silhouette, texture and fabrics should also be carefully picked as a high-quality LBD can bring you a super luxe style. The sheer silky LBD is undoubtedly elegant and nice-looking, a lace one can be tempting, whilst a cotton piece is suitable for some more casual instances, like poolside parties. Here, Ba&sh’s LBDs can be wise choices, but, randomly picking at will is fine, as a LBD’s not gonna let you down anyway.

The LBD itself is already drop-dead gorgeous, so leave it plain, don’t cover it, and never ever layer it with too many other pieces! Yet, I am not asking you to walk on the street with only your sexy little black tube dress on. Try Olivia Palermo’s style, complementing your classy piece with a plain black blazer is safe and warm, whilst still superb.  

If you really want to add something, a piece of fine jewelry should be alright. Like Hepburn worn a Roger Scemama necklace, you can team yours with an eye-catching necklace. Don’t worry, the glittery piece won’t upstage your garment, they will just perfectly complement each other, bringing along an even more brilliant style for you.