Bohemian is the everlasting trend for summer. Fashionistas never get bored of the surprises that this style brings us. If you think that Boho is never an easy thing, then you are now reading the right article that will change your thought.


Fringes, embroideries, tribal prints, suede…Boho style contains many elements that could bring out the soul. You don’t need them all but just pick out one or two for a chic Boho look. Olivia Palermo, the American socialite, can always give you inspirations on how to dress chic in Boho. Wear suede blouse with fringe skirt, easy peasy!


Denim is always the BEST PARTNER of bohemian pieces! It doesn’t matter if it is a denim trousers, shorts or even jacket, they are just perfect match! Try raw edge, cut-outs and heavily washed ones, they will make you look a lot younger and stylish.


Comfy is the essence of a Bohemian look, so flowy dress is a must. Soft and sheer, loose cut with vintage vibe, all these will make you gorgeous glamourous and you can easily find them from Mes Demoiselles’ latest collection. Pair with lace-up sandals and fedora hat for the ultimate summer vacation look and don’t forget to take photos of how fabulous you are.


If you think you can’t carry long and lengthy items, try mid-length or cropped cut stuff! Perhaps an off-shoulder crop top with raw edge denim shorts and a tribal print kimono jacket with suede ankle boots would make you a brilliant seducing Boho look just like a top model does.


To master Boho style, ACCESSORIES is the key to success! Pom-pom and lace-up sandals are a big fad this summer. They are just versatile to style for a care free summery look! Suede and fringe bags are essential for the style. A headband scarf and braided hair are also worth trying for a full look. Earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces…anything that contains the Bohemian elements would help to brighten you up!