Hunting for some new ideas for your daily mix and match? Try FLOWERS! Floral items are lovely and chic, going well with almost any clothing in your wardrobe – from a range of vivid hues to a variety of lively prints. So just prepare your favourite ones and get ready for our best-loved seasons – spring and summer!


Yes, floral dresses look feminine and ladylike, but don’t you think they are already clichés? You better put down your dresses now and shop for some floral jumpsuits – the cuter, fresher and more energetic jumpsuits! Besides, jumpsuits make you carefree and comfy, you can run, jump, lie and roll without worrying about ‘wardrobe malfunctions’.


Daren’t put floral items on your body? Then let’s try floral handbags first. Tammy & Benjamin’s magnolia bag is especially elegant and chic, get one and match it with your monochrome outfit, I am assured nothing can be ever cooler than that! But if you want to make a BOLD STATEMENT for the season, putting floral handbags over floral outfits can definitely be eye-catching.


If you really aren’t a big fan of floral prints, you should still incorporate some floral items into your wardrobe for occasionally making small adjustment to your usual looks. Gals, we are easily bored by changeless elements, right? So prepare some floral scarfs and accessories in your wardrobe can prevent you from feeling stuffy. If you are afraid of being too girlish, then wear your floral items with sneakers and leather jacket, which will be really cool.


Whilst retro looks are still popular in 2016, infusing some 70’s vintage styles into your everyday look is a must! This can be simply done by adding any floral piece into your outfit. Miroslava Duma’s big golden floral prints and Alexa Chung’s tiny floral prints are both nostalgic and elegant, tres chic!


I know sometimes you need to dress down for a rest, so I’m here to tell you a secret - floral items make you effortlessly chic. If you have no idea of what to wear, just pick a floral piece to match with any of your plain items, the effects will never disappoint you.


Last but not least, who say girls can’t buy themselves flowers? Don’t just wait for your boyfriends to offer you flowers! Spoil yourself by filling your wardrobe with loads of floral pieces will be a great idea, don’t you think so?