Maybe you don’t have a denim piece with you now, but I believe every single one of us should have ever owned one. Being versatile, all-round, smart and brilliant, the garment has been popular for over a century, continuously providing you and me with chic, cool and lively styles.

Denim is really everlasting, and you will find it so versatile that goes well with almost everything in your wardrobe – from a range of lace items to different colourful coats. Randomly pick a denim piece, a variety of fabulous looks can already be effortlessly created!

Denim can balance your way too feminine look. If you are worrying about being too girlish or ladylike, simply replace your top with a denim one, I am assured the effect will be surprisingly good. Don’t worry, a denim piece won’t make you a hale and hearty lad, as you will just look incredibly chic and fashionable!

If you are looking for some ultra-cool styles, then denim-on-denim is a MUST TRY! Complement your jeans with a denim shirt, or even layer a denim coat or jacket if you dare to be in the spotlight. Denim-on-denim is not necessarily raw and tough, just see how elegant the fashion blogger/Doina Ciobanu is when she’s in her Sea New York total denim outfit!

Denim colour is never just a dull indigo hue, it is EVER-CHANGING. Thousands of blue tones can be achieved by stone washing, whilst different denim colours are rising to fame. Who want a baby pink denim jacket? Every one of us! 

Finally, for those who are weary of counting the number of beads and sequins embellished on your dress, I highly recommend you to put on denim, a super carefree item. Clothing made of denim fabrics does not require any special care, you can do whatever you like with your denim buddy. Roll and run? Definitely no problem! And it does not need to be cleaned professionally, what you have to do is just throw yours into a washing machine, then it’s done and done!

Alright, you should now be understanding how well a denim item can be. So, before you go, remember to put down your white blouse, and team your lace midi skirt with a denim shirt!