Have you ever wanted to own a piece of brilliant handmade product? If not, you better start thinking about this now, since a good piece can very nicely complement your outfit, as well as bring the ultimate fineness and uniqueness to your looks. For example, the various handmade jewelry collections designed by the iconic mixed-race model of the late 80s and early 90s, Tina Chow, were truly stunning. Tina mostly adopted gold, silver, rock crystals, wood, bamboo, and silk cording as materials, therefore her collections were natural and pure, being always wildly elegant and trendy that match well with the fashion icon’s beautiful garments.


Every piece of handmade product is definitely the one and only; even though they come in in the same styles, you can never find two pieces being wholly identical. So, handmade items are especially for those who want to be different, distinctive, special and extraordinary. Remember, we’re paying for uniqueness, therefore you won’t regret after having the mysterious piece on hand!


Handmade is never a child’s play, but a de luxe art form, thus the fine craftsmanship should worth every penny. Materials are all carefully picked and matched, whilst each piece is delicately made by the talented craftsmen’s hands, being flawlessly decent and exquisite.



If you are already fed up with Fast Fashion, then the classic and everlasting handmade products should surely be tried. You know, wearing similar clothes is rather boring, so infusing some unique and stylish handmade pieces into your wardrobe should be a good way for preventing you gals from being bored. For instance, one pair of Elina Linardaki’s handmade lace-up sandals can already introduce thousands of looks.


Handmade products include delicate and exquisite details in which you can never ask from machine-made products. Although you appreciate their prices, you can’t deny that machine-made products are usually raw and usual that almost everyone on the street is wearing. Listen, you really don’t have to own a bunch of handmade items, as some or even only one can already make you stand out from the crowds. 


Finally, I have to say we all have our own styles, but unique handmade pieces should always make you feel especially special and classy. Even though you are a big fan of casual wears, you can still try some tiny handmade accessories, like Aurelie Bidermann’s 18K gold-plated braided ring or Servane Gaxotte’s figurine necklace, which can undoubtedly further outstand your looks.