Comfy, stylish, cool, fashionable…with loads of brilliant characteristics, it is really not surprising to see sneakers are still one of the hottest items in 2016. The casual yet trendy footwear can be encountered almost everywhere – from a range of high-end pairs at fashion weeks to a variety of budget trainers worn by celebs and IT girls. Want to boost your styles? Just pick either one at will!


Being a fashionista, you should have noticed sporty look is still a big trend, while the best item to carry out such a style is nothing other than a pair of sneakers. Indeed, sneakers mix well with anything in your wardrobe, not just skirts and denim items, but dresses and even long coats, therefore try matching your favorite pair with whatever you like, creating effortless fashion styles!


Some think that heels are irreplaceable because of their enormous sexiness and femininity, but you can’t deny the pain it brought, and I’m sorry we all have to admit the fact that we are indeed not really good at walking with heels. So maybe it’s time to find alternatives! Sneaker can create sexy and feminine looks as they go perfectly well with ladylike items like pleated midi skirts, soft duster coats and lace items. Sneakers are not chunky monsters, they can be as cute as heels – I believe you can never get any shoes cuter than Veja’s parrot and marble print sneakers.  


While sometimes finishing an outfit with heels is way too formal. No one would like to dress like a banker, right? Try to take off your heels and wear your suits with sneakers, you won’t look like a weirdo, as you will only look brilliantly smart, confident, trendy, and chic.


Trust me, a pair of sneakers is the best item to make you look younger, you shall be looking 10 years younger with sneakers on! So, from now on, spend less time on heels, get yourself a pair of sneakers, and then mix it with whatsoever items!