Whenever you have to travel for trip, regardless how far and how long it is, you will have to pack for it. Not only that you have to pack quick, but also pack it right. It is easy to get panic, especially when you start packing at the very last minute. Here are some secrets of how to do this job in an organized and space-saving way.


1. Roll Instead of Fold

You rarely bring along with you an iron when you travel, especially when you expect the hotel would provide you with it. Here’s a genius way of how to save space of your suitcase, and prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled. Roll them instead of fold! You certainly will get amazed by how much space was freed.


2. Place underwear and socks into the Shoes

Shoes are definitely the most space-consuming items of your suitcase. Packing them into the small box is just struggling. This is the tip that you should keep in mind so that you will never have to panic on this. Roll your underwear and socks into the shoes! You can use up that little space and avoid your shoes from being deformed by the awful treatment of your suitcase in the airports.


3. Wear you bulky items, don’t pack!

Bulky items are big monsters for your little suitcase. In fact, every time when you pack, you will find it very frustrating as you have no idea how to avoid them from eating up the space. This situation is rather serious when you travel during winter, so, why not wear them instead?


4. Place breakables into Socks

Fragrance is an essential item that you can never miss out for a single day. However, you can’t always put that glass bottle into a box or wrap it around with layers of bubble wrap to make sure that it is safe in your luggage. Try placing it into your socks. You will find it landed safe and sound once you unpack.


5. Put you skincare products into small containers

Your daily skincare products can never stay apart from you. Instead of bringing with you all the large bottles, perhaps you should try using small containers and bring only adequate amount you need. This works well to your cosmetics as well.


Now your suitcase is neat and tidy. Space are saved and you can shop more, there’s no need to worry about getting charged by the overweighed baggage.