“I’ve been on a diet for two weeks all I’ve lost is two weeks” - Totie fields.


So yes it’s true maybe if I lost a couple of pounds that gorgeous Valentino dress I bought earlier this year would actually fit. Yes, I would love to have Kendall Jenner’s long legs and Gigi Hadid’s abs but I mean what counts is that I have a Cara Delavigne personality right?

Let me tell you secret, in order to fit in those size 32 jeans, you’ve got to have those good family genes and I’m sorry to break it to you but most of the chances are your mother isn’t Heidi Klum.


There are a couple of reasons why I always choose to stay a little fat , first of all I enjoy having curves , maybe not in all places ( ugh. those love handles aren’t going anywhere.. ) but overall I have learned to embrace them. Second of all if I lost all my fat then I would have to buy a whole new wardrobe and to be honest I don’t have Kendall Jenner’s bank account either. Third and foremost have you ever tried chocolate?


A lot of people say “clothes look better on skinny people” and I used to believe that... However it isn’t actually true. Honestly it’s all about dressing for your body type. Find what clothes’ fit right it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a 36 or a 42. Size is just a number, and I know that’s cliché for me to say, but it’s true if you keep going on diets just because of your size then you are doing it all wrong, and for your general knowledge dieting is so two thousand and eight it’s all about “the healthy lifestyle these days” … spinning is number one in the handbook although kale is a very close second.


I will always choose to stay a little fat because that is the way I have learned to love my body. Yes I do go to the gym and even drink a green juice once in a while but that is for my general health because yes apart from losing weight, working out and eating vegetables will actually do you a lot of good physically and mentally.