If you have recently graduated and is stuck at the stage of job hunting without even sending out you CV, either you have too many jobs that you are interested in, or you have no idea what you want to do. Check if you have these behavior pattern. Immediate pleasure seeking, multitasking, and low boredom threshold. If you got them all, perhaps you will find another way out to earn money, because you are perfectly fit to be a Slasher.

Thanks to the light-speed development of new technologies, the rise of Slashers is greatly facilitated by different information technologies and social networks. If you have the abilities and skills that fulfill the needs of this up-and-coming mode of work, believe me, you sure have great potential in your career path.


Being a Slasher does not need a full time permanent job, they satisfy themselves with part-time/project-base/contract-base/freelance jobs. They have a stronger and wider skillset that is sustained by strong time management and organization skills. With multiple sources of income, they will never have to afraid of being redundant and wonder when the company would drop them from comfort into terror. It doesn’t matter if they lose a job; they still have a few more. Such kind of working mode is breaking the traditional patterns of how work life should be, as they are able to flourish on a personal level by having a perfect work-life blend.

Every coin has two sides, recruiters are often disproving of individuals who have such status of work. Even though Slashers have wide skill base, it implies to them that those skills are not very deeply ingrained. But time tells everything, under the current development of work pattern, the pros of being a Slasher will override the negatives gradually. So if you have confidence to be a successful and leading Slasher, gear yourself up and be prepared to embrace your bright future!