Fashion and art are never mutually exclusive items. Starting from the 1930s, the two have already been perfectly brought together – the pioneering Schiaparelli x Dalí, the fashionable Yves Saint Laurent x Piet Mondrian, and the dreamy Alexander McQueen x Damien Hirst… We should be thankful for their audacious and bold innovation, as they have taken both fashion and art to the next level.

By blending fashion with art, there are usually amazing upshots coming out, as mixing the two simply means infusing tons of great new ideas into our garments. Inspired by the innovative art, like exquisite paintings, marvelous sculptures and terrific installations, our wardrobe will never be a dull one – it can only be saturated with loads of freaky designs!

If you think fine art is too unattainable, then let’s put pop art on your body. Pop art is less grand and solemn, and usually interesting, funky and rich in hues. The infusion of Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup cans and Marilyn Monroe prints into garments is a classic example. Whilst Eleven Paris’s adoption of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s graffiti is simply awesome and fantastic, brilliantly showcasing enchanting childlike characteristics.

Cartoon is also a great element worthy of infusing into fashion designs. No matter how old you are, sometimes you still want to be innocent, right? Fashion x cartoon is never naïve, it is just pretty and attractive! Get yourself Paul and Joe Sister’s Looney Tunes printed items, I am sure you can become a super lovely cutie.

As art is all about colours, and a rainbow of colour is the NEW BLACK, then why not fashion x art? If you daren’t wearing brilliant tones, occasionally adding a blazing arabesque scarf to your monochrome outfit can be delightful. People said life is full of sadness and boredom, but I believe a range of bright hues can expel negativity, isn’t it?

While Art Basel and numerous art fairs are flooding into the city, art is no more something that you and I can ignore. Learning about artworks can nurture your artistic temperament, making you a more elegant, decent person. As a fashionista, just focusing on clothing is definitely not enough, being an ART BUFF is also necessary!