Woody Allen, a man whose career spans more than six decades is an American actor, comedian, filmmaker, playwright and musicians. YES the man can do just about anything.


Woody Allen seems to so often go back to the same ideas. He for some reason keeps and making movies about worn out older men pursuing empty, but eager younger women. His main characters are usually mentally disturbed, he uses them in order to show his concerns and fears about death and depression, Last and foremost he always seems to go back to the past. Woody’s most recent film Café Society , yes you guessed it includes all three of the previously mentioned “typical woody Allen film criteria’s”  however there was a slight change this time since this was his first digitally shot picture and his first collaboration with three time Oscar winner Vittorio Storaro.


The film is about Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg) the not so common romantic lead of this love story, Son of a New York Jeweller Bobby decides to try his luck in Hollywood. He has an interesting accountability, but he is also as barbarous as his gangster brother. He seems lost and confused by his own feelings, unsure why he might prefer Vonnie (Kristen Stewart) to the very glamorous Veronica (Blake Lively). Throughout the whole movie you can see the characters experience disappointment and resentment.