It is undeniable that the development of advance technology has greatly benefitted our daily lives with convenience and efficiency. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and the easy access to unlimited wireless connection, have enabled technology users to stay connected to the digital world 24/7. Indeed, such may have created some drawbacks to one’s health.


Being online somehow blurs out the line between work and leisure, research stated that it will somewhat lead to negative emotional responses. The occurrence of such trend gives rise to the phenomenon of digital detox.


To refrain from the usage of digital devices and the overload income of information from the Internet, digital detox is to stay disconnected and gain more on a very personal level and get reconnected again. This act is rather applicable to the younger generations as they are born in the digital era. The deactivation of Instagram account of the 20-year-old supermodel Kendall Jenner created an uproar in the digital world. She noticed that she needs a detox from the screen to really engage in real life and to interact with people.


If you admit that you are a member of the phubbers, perhaps you will need this detox once in a while to keep yourself more productive and both mentally and physically healthy. Take a look at things around you, your surely will realize that you have missed out a certain things or people that you should give your attention to.