South Korea's latest hit drama is inspiring new travel hotspots and influencing what people throughout Asia wear, eat and buy. Starred by the influential star Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Min-ho, the drama is creating ripple effect that hits the retail market.

The using of cosmetic products in the previous drama that starred by Jun, be it Yves Saint Laurent’s lipstick to Laneige’s BB cushion, these items had sold out across Asia and even US and European countries. A fashion craze went viral in China as well. Worn by Jun in the drama, Jimmy Choo’s “Abel” silver heels flew off the racks after appearing in the second episode.

The great support from the Korean government is a major driver to the success. For every $1 spent investing in the entertainment sector, it gives 4 times return to other industries, which is a big contribution to their economy growth.


Credited to the K-pop culture, the Korean fashion is gaining attention recently. London-based Korean designer brand Rejina Pyo, is said to be “going to be big” by the fashion world. Others like KYE, Push Button, Low Classic, etc are being worn by many fashion icons.

It is undeniable that the Korean drama is impressing the world in their very own way, creating crazes and fads that we can hardly imagine how intensive they can go. It seems that such wave is not going to end any soon, and we can expect that consumers will panic to buy for items worn by Jun Ji-hyun in her new drama (a good news to those brands though).